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Same Day Smile Makeovers in Cincinnati

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The experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Oral and Facial Surgery Associates, LLC provide same day smile procedures in Cincinnati, OH. A same day smile procedure can improve the health, appearance, and function of your mouth by replacing an entire arch of teeth in a single day. Call 513-791-0550 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Is a Same Day Smile?

A same day smile is an oral surgery procedure that allows patients who are missing most or all of the teeth in an arch to completely restore the arch in a single appointment. Using as few as four dental implants precisely placed in the jaw to support a denture (prosthesis), same day smiles provided by Oral and Facial Surgery Associates can improve oral health, enhance the appearance of your smile, and boost your confidence.  

Benefits of a Same Day Smile 

  • Provides a complete arch of teeth (fills gaps)
  • Prevents further loss of jawbone
  • Preserves gum and soft tissue
  • May allow patients to forego bone grafting surgery
  • Supports a secure, stable prosthesis
  • Natural-looking teeth and smile
  • Immediate restoration of your smile (no waiting)
  • Fewer appointments 
  • Restored chewing and biting capabilities
  • No risk of denture slippage
  • No need for messy denture adhesives
  • Long-term durability 
  • Cost-savings in the long-term
  • Enhanced self-esteem

Why Choose Oral and Facial Surgery Associates, LLC?

At Oral and Facial Surgery Associates, LLC, patient comfort, care, and results matter most to us. As such, we offer a variety of anesthesia options for oral surgeries. We communicate clearly with all patients so they can make informed decisions about their oral health. 

To ensure exceptional outcomes, our team continually pursues additional and ongoing educational opportunities. By way of example, our oral surgeons are all Board-Certified, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in the oral surgery practice.  

Our office is recertified annually in Office-Based Emergency Airway Management (OBEAM).  In addition, all surgical assistants at Oral and Facial Surgery Associates have earned credentials from the Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Examination (DAANCE), assuring the highest standards in anesthesia assistance. 

Are You a Good Candidate for a Same Day Smile?

  • Missing most or all teeth 
  • Currently wear traditional dentures
  • Do not have sufficient jaw bone to support full-size implants
  • Are healthy enough to undergo surgery
  • Desire immediate results 
  • Prefer fewer oral surgeries
  • Dedicated to practicing excellent oral hygiene habits
  • Free of active gum disease and infections

Those who have certain chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure will require approval from their physician. Likewise, those with immunodeficiencies, or patients that are pregnant may not be eligible. Patients taking certain medications may not be eligible for a same day smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Smiles

Will I be awake during my same day smile procedure?
Our oral surgeons will discuss all anesthesia options with you. You may choose to remain conscious but sedated, or opt for general anesthesia.
How long will my new smile last?
Your dental implants will last at least 20 years with excellent oral health habits and regular care. The denture should also last at least 15 years.
Can I finance a same day smile?
Yes. Oral and Facial Surgery Associates accepts third-party financing through CareCredit and Proceed Finance.
What are the risks of a same day smile procedure?
All surgeries carry a degree of risk, which may include bleeding, infection, and nerve damage.
How long does a same day smile surgery take?
The surgery typically takes two hours per arch. However, prep time and recovery time will make the appointment last several hours.
Will insurance pay for a same day smile?
Insurance does not typically cover dental implant surgeries. It is best to check with your policy to determine your financial responsibility.
What is recovery like after the same day smile procedure?
You will experience swelling and tenderness for the first few days following the same day smile procedure. Most patients can return to work within a couple of days.
How do I get started with a same day smile?
Schedule a consultation at Oral and Facial Surgery Associates for an evaluation, and to learn about your options for transforming your smile with dental implants.

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