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Surgically Assisted Orthodontics in Cincinnati, OH

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Oral and Facial Surgery Associates works collaboratively with patients’ orthodontists to provide surgical procedures that expedite orthodontic treatment in children, teens, and adults. Call 513-791-0550 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Is Surgically Assisted Orthodontics?

Surgically assisted orthodontics refers to all oral surgeries that help to accelerate orthodontic treatment. Surgically assisted orthodontics may involve extraction procedures that allow permanent teeth to erupt properly, and the surgical removal of impacted teeth (including wisdom teeth) to prevent crowding or misalignments. Surgically assisted orthodontics may also involve the extraction of teeth to create room in the mouth, and surgery to expose an impacted tooth so that it may be guided into the proper position.

Benefits of Surgically Assisted Orthodontics

  • Helping expose teeth that are stuck beneath the gum
  • Extracting teeth so that there is enough room for permanent teeth
  • Extracting primary (baby) teeth to guide the eruption of the permanent teeth
  • Preventing infection by removing impacted teeth
  • Preventing overcrowding in the mouth

Why Choose Oral and Facial Surgery Associates, LLC?

Oral and Facial Surgery Associates, LLC has provided minor and complex oral surgeries for children, teens, and adults for more than 35 years. A respected Ohio oral surgery practice, all of our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are Board-Certified. We have built many long-standing professional relationships with orthodontists throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Our practice prioritizes patient comfort, communication, and outstanding results from all procedures. We file insurance claims on your behalf, provide complete aftercare instructions online, and welcome questions and concerns, at any time. Our mission is to provide you with safe, effective oral surgeries that improve your oral health, and overall wellness.

Surgically Assisted Orthodontic Procedures Offered

Oral and Facial Surgery Associates works with orthodontists through greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to provide oral surgeries necessary to aid in the alignment of the teeth and bite.

Primary Teeth Extractions for Guided Eruption
Occasionally the baby teeth do not fall out naturally, and need to be surgically removed so that the permanent teeth may be guided into proper position.

Premolar Extractions
Premolar extractions are often the only viable way to increase space in the mouth, to correct overlapping, or crowded teeth.

Impacted Tooth Exposure
Teeth that are impacted, such as the canines, may need to be surgically exposed to guide them into the proper position with orthodontic braces.

Impacted Teeth Extractions
Impacted teeth can lead to a host of oral health problems, and problems with the bite and alignment of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surgically Assisted Orthodontics

Will insurance pay for surgically assisted orthodontics?
All dental insurance policies are a bit different. You should confirm coverage with your insurance carrier.
Will I be awake during surgery to remove an impacted tooth?
Most patients receive either IV sedation which creates a “twilight” sleep or general anesthesia during their procedures. Our oral surgeons will explain all options and help you decide which type of anesthesia is right for you.
What risks do impacted teeth pose?
Impacted teeth can lead to painful infections and abscesses. They may cause pain or damage to adjacent teeth and gums. Impacted teeth may also cause problems with the alignment of your other teeth.
Is surgery for orthodontic treatment safe?
All surgeries carry a degree of risk. If your orthodontist recommends surgery, it is because they have deemed the benefits to outweigh the risks of surgery.
What is recovery like after surgery to expose an impacted canine?
Patients may experience pain, swelling, and tenderness for the first 72 hours after the surgery. You should take all medication exactly as prescribed. Within a week, most patients can resume normal activities including exercising and sports activities.
What are the symptoms of an impacted tooth?
Symptoms of an impacted tooth include bad breath, pain, swelling or tenderness in the gums, headache, jaw pain, bleeding gums, unpleasant taste in the mouth, and pain when biting or chewing.
How long is surgery to remove baby teeth?
Surgery to extract baby teeth typically takes about 30 minutes per tooth.
Is it safe to remove premolars?
Surgery to remove the premolars is safe for patients in good health. Our oral surgeons will discuss potential risks with you before your surgery.

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